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Launch into Learning

Two years of play-based learning will launch our children into their learning journey.

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Launch into Learning

Play with sound

Starting school is a big moment in a child’s life

We need to give them the best chance to flourish. But 1 in 5 children in Australia are starting school already behind.

The ages of 3 to 5 are critical in the development of a child’s brain. That’s why children who’ve been exposed to multiple days of at least two years of play-based learning make the best transitions to school.

High quality, early learning grows confident, capable and curious young learners who are ready to thrive when they start school.

Critical Brain Development

Early learning helps children develop:

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Pre-reading and early number concept skills

Self-control and self-regulation

Launch into learning

To launch into learning, before they begin primary school, all of our children need access to a two-year program of age-appropriate, play-based quality early learning.

We’re working hard towards a commitment from Government to fund two years of quality, early learning… so that every child can Launch into Learning!